TIC-I-16D Camera




-3rd generation search thermal imaging camera equipped with 200 mm focal length D-scan
-Ultra sensitive cooled detector
-Manual and automatic adjustment of gain and brightness
-Real-time image noise reduction to reduce background noise
-Image enhancement function for increasing the small objects visibility
-Bad pixel correction and saving the changes
-Three modes of image exposure 2X digital magnification (Analog output)
-Analog (25 Hz) and digital video outputs (100 Hz)

Detector TypeCooled FPA detector
Pixel30 µm
Wavelength3~5 µm
NETD20mk @ 20°C
Frame RateAnalog: 25 Hz
Digital: 100 Hz
Focal Length300 mm-F/2
Field of View1.8°×1.4° (±1%)
Operating Temperature-30°C ~ +60°C
Storage Temperature-40°C ~ +71°C
Weight<15.8 kg
Dimensions460×270×215 mm³ (L×W×H)
Video Output/Serial Connection100 Hz-RS422
Input Voltage24V DC ±3V
Warm-up Duration<7 min @ 25°C



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