TIC-I-19B Camera




-High resolution and sensitivity With two field-of-views WFOV and NFOV
-Image details enhancer (DDE)
-Brightness and gain automatic and manual adjustment
-Polarity adjustment (hot-black or hot-white)
-Display the image on the monitor using video cable
-Image unevenness correctioncapability using internal and external calibration

Resolution1024x768 (14 µm)
640×480 (17 µm)
Wavelength8~14 µm
Objective Lens60 mm & 150 mm F/1
Field of ViewWFOV: 10.4°×7.8° (±10%)
NFOV: 4.2°×3.2° (±10%)
WFOV: 13.6°×10.2° (±10%)
NFOV: 5.5°×4.1° (±10%)
Focusing Distance Range~50 m to ∞
Operating Temperature-30ᵒC~+60ᵒC
Weight<7 kg
Dimensions314x217x160 mm³
Video Output/Serial ConnectionPAL-HDSDI/RS232
External Power Supply24V(DC) ±3V
Miscellaneous2x & 4x Digital Zoom


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