Professional Voice Recorder HCLS3000

Telephony Support:

  • Analog (All Centrals)
  • Digital (E1 Cas3 / E1 PRI)
  • IP (SIP, H323, SCCP, MiNet, Alcatel)
  • Wireless Support
  • Support Erricsson, Alcatel (OXE) interception feature.

  VoIP support:

  • SIP
  • H323
  • Alcatel IP
  • MiNet ( Mitel protocol)



HCLS3000 is one of the most Reliable, Flexible, and Feature-Rich Call Recording Solution available today.

System Characteristics & Features:

–  recording all types of analog lines

–  recording all types of radio lines

–  recording digital line BRI in Panasonic

–  recording E1-PRI lines

–  recording VOIP lines

–  integrating all types of telecom lines in one package

–  presenting in industrial, military, stationary & movable range

–  Guaranteed quality

–   System security

–   Assurance in recording

–   Continuous system testing using pilot signal

–   Secured monitoring from remote area

–   Support unlimited channels

–   Support unlimited recording time capacity for the channels

–  Possibility of archiving on different drives such as SD card, RDX & internal hard disc

–  Capability of registering standard Caller ID

–  Possibility of registering dialed numbers

–  Possibility of recording IDs for  some radio system

–  Possibility of presenting channel situation in the software & on  LED’s

–  The flexibility in selecting type of computer

–  Non-dependency of the clients to manufacturer

–   Modular consideration in design

–  Possibility of installation in standard 19 inches rack

–  Protection for input channels

–  Capability of Fax monitoring

–   Possibility of replication of all systems in a centralized server

–   Accessibility via network

–   Possibility of receiving contact information, linked with charging systems

–   Possibility of connection to GPS for standard time

–   Possibility to work in the form of individual system or redundant system


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