K-1 Firefighting Drone




Firefighting drones are used for controlling and extinguishing fires. The K-1 drone, in this field, is equipped with various electronic and electromechanical sensors that can automatically or under operator control, suppress and extinguish fires up to a height of 25 meters.

The K-1 drone has an advanced payload system, which is essentially a firefighting machine that incorporates many standard firefighting equipment found in operational firefighting vehicles, rearranged to accommodate the drone’s payload.

The overall functionality of firefighting drones includes:

Fire suppression: These drones can accurately and quickly control and prevent the spread of fires by using water spray or various types of firefighting foams on the flames, whether it be on building facades, installations, or industrial structures.

Facilitating operations management through information and imagery: firefighting drones are equipped with various cameras and sensors that transmit live images and information from the area where the fire has occurred to the operator or the rescue and firefighting team. These images can help identify the center and volume of the fire and detect potential hazards.

Enhancing safety, accuracy, operational capability, and reliability: firefighting drones are capable of operating in harsh heat and smoke conditions. They are waterproof, resistant to challenging weather conditions, and reliable in terms of communication and control. Therefore, by increasing the available tools for firefighting teams, the team’s capacity to restrict and control the fire is enhanced. With the implementation of such automated systems, not only can the health of specialized human forces be preserved, but also the margin of error resulting from human factors is reduced, and reliability is improved.

firefighting drones can quickly and safely respond to firefighting needs in a short period of time, preventing further damages.


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