Emergency Mobile Communication Site





Equipped with an 18-meter Lattice telescopic tower

– Shelter with three seprate spaces ( operator and racks, tower, and diesel generator )

-Equipped with 4 series of electric jacks KN 80/40 ( with 1.5 hp single-phase power )

Connected to the shelter for loading and unloading from the truck .

-Equipped with 4 series of retractable arm restraints ( transfering forces from the tower to the ground )

-Possibility of installing two telecommunication racks and equipment.

-The body is made of five-layer GRP panel ( very strong and light )

-The approximate weight of the shelter without truck and diesel generator, telecommunication equipment and racks : 6500 Kg

-Bed and table, water tank and split cooler for operator

-Possiblity of installing a diesel generator of 15 kava

-Possiblity of installing three BTS antennas and dishes and feeding them and cable drums

-5 cameras and surveillance NVR





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